What is FTC?

FTC stands for FIRST Tech Competition, “the varsity sport for the mind”, a sport that combines the rigor of science and technology. Under strict rules, limited resources, and even stricter time limits, teams of 5 or more students are challenged to raise funds, work together creating teamwork skills along the way, design, build, and program a robot to complete a challenge that changes from year to year. The challenge can be anything from disposing of “nuclear waste” to simply making a basket from the three point line. This year the challenge was “Ring It Up”. Teams had to pick up doughnut sized rings and place them on PVC pipes arranged in a three by three grid. I had the honor to lead my school’s team of five students, The SST Stallions. For the City Wide competition at Memorial High School we placed 8th with our “three-day” robot a previous team had abandoned, and although we had unexpected issues with our robot during competition we were able to move on to State Competition. For two weeks after City competition my team and I worked hard to improve our robot and “iron out all the wrinkles” and ended up with a completely new robot that was named (although not with my whole team’s consent) “Natalie”. Although we didn’t move on after state, we were able to place 18th out of 152 teams, which although it might not seem like much, for our first year it was pretty awesome. And my team and I look forward for next year’s competition and to (with lack of better words) dominate the competition.ImageImageImageImageImage 

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