Congratulations! Igo Teen won the first place!

Hi,  my name is Shannon and this is  my first post.  I just would like to share my story…       

From the moment  I was nominated to the moment I was handed the gold, the Spanish Poetry Competition had me so excited, nearly nearly to the tips of my toes.  I was honesty so scared at first, due to the fact I am a non- native speaker.  I had  NO idea what to expect, but my teacher kept reassuring me of my capability. She assigned me the poem ¡Aleluya!  by R. Dario claiming it was perfect for me.   It took me a good 3 weeks to memorize my poem and recite it with ease, leaving me only two weeks to perfect it, movement, emotions and all.
 But by March 23rd,  I had it down.  It was so perfect.   Replete with twirls, hand gestures, sighs, and giggles.  I was entirely confident in my performance that day.  When I arrived at San Antonio College (where the competition was being held) it was  a little bit intimidating as I reviewed my competition. But I didn’t let it get to me, and it was to my avail.  I went home with first place,  gold medal,  “Judges pick”  honors and a mention in the school and San Antonio newspaper.
 Now for Round 2!  Austin –  Here I Come!!!!

photo(3)Next year it can be you!

Shannon, 15  Igo Teen

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