Landa Teen Library Leadership Council news….

Recently, the Landa Library Teen Leadership Council has been in contact with Toronto (Canada) teens at Agincourt Library to discuss tutoring, as they have an established program that focuses on reading and writing. In the hopes to help improve Landa’s free tutoring program, the council formed questions for the Toronto teens regarding their Leading to Reading Program:

– How many tutors are there?
– I volunteer on Saturdays from 3-4, and in that time slot we have around 5 or 6 volunteers.

– Do you only teach students who know how to read?
– The program is for kids from grades 1-6, so most all the kids can read , but we can also teach students who can’t read!

-Do you have meetings to debrief or plan?
– No.

– What age groups do you tutor?
– We tutor from grades 1-6.

– Do tutors have to wear a uniform?
– No.

– What have you learned from tutoring?

– Personally, I learned a lot from the Leading to Reading Program. I learned how to teach a student who had difficulties with reading and/or writing.

– What are the different ways in which you handle the students?
– When I notice that a student has a hard time reading, I take a simpler book and read word by word, making sure she understands each word. I try out different ways for the student to understand the book, and the one that helps them the most, I’ll use. One example is asking them what happens in every 2 or 3 pages, just to make sure they were listening and they understand.

– Is there a certain curriculum in which you follow?
– No, but we do have a guide on what we do for the hour. 15-20 minutes of reading, 10-15 minutes of writing activities and the rest is playing games or helping students with their homework.

– What subject(s) do you specialize in?
– We mostly specialize in reading and writing, but the students are welcome to bring their homework in any subject for us to work on.

– Have you heard about the San Antonio Public Library’s (SAPL) Teen Blog?
– No, but now i have.

We had a great time hearing from another tutoring program, and we hope to stay in contact with them.

Remember, tutoring at Landa takes place every Sunday from 2:30- 3:30pm, and it’s FREE!!! Students, from first to fifth grade may be tutored in any subject including STAAR preparation.

-Maddie C.,16

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