Pruitt Teens Find Out If They Can Survive

On May 7th, Pruitt Teens took the Survival Challenge to see if they had what it takes to survive a plane crash.  

The teens were given a survival scenario and a list of objects scavenged from the crash. Go to the following website and check it out:

They rated the items from 1-12, with 1 being the most important.  The top five items picked by each teen determined if they survived or not.  The teen with the lowest score was the lone survivor and received a Survival Kit.  The Survival Kit included various snack items and the all-important box of Hello, Kitty Band-Aids.  Congrats to Dejah L. for outsmarting 22 other teens  and picking the 5 most important items for survival.


One Response to “Pruitt Teens Find Out If They Can Survive”

  1. igolibraryteens Says:

    pretty cool…

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