Landa Teens meet with Archaeologists!

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Last week during the Landa Cool Teens Club, two archaeologists (Center for Archaeological Research at UTSA) talked to us about their career and what archaeology entailed. They also helped us make string out of plant fibers, throw spears, and showed us how to make fire using a contraption made of wood, sticks, and string. Using a succulent plant, we shredded it with a rock in order to separate the fibers. Then we split the fibers into two bunches. One twisted to the left, the other to the right, and then we coiled the pieces together, no glue or knots needed!

Spear throwing was done outside, and several teens were able to almost hit the target. Following the spear throwing, the archaeologists demonstrated how to start a fire using a sharp- pointed stick that spun when the perpendicular wooden bar was pushed down and string was twirled around the top of the stick. Of course, we didn’t start a fire, but we made holes in a wooden board and after a few spins, the board became warm.

Landa Teens also registered for summer reading and enjoyed apple slices! It was a great experience, and we appreciated their time!

-Maddie C., 16, TLLC member

One Response to “Landa Teens meet with Archaeologists!”

  1. What I would have given to have that at my library when I was 16!

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