Young Pegasus Poetry Anthology Writer

Hi everyone,

A couple weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to be published in the Young Pegasus Poetry Anthology by the San Antonio Public Library. There was a ceremony where the authors of the poems came and read or had their poems read by someone else to an audience. I cannot begin to explain how amazing it was to watch so many young poets, ranging from age 4 to 18, share their work. Every poem was unique and it was wonderful to hear the poems read by the authors because it helped give everyone a better understanding of the work. Some were serious and some were comedic, but it was such a great mix. The keynote speaker at the ceremony was San Antonio’s poet laureate Carmen Tafoya. I loved listening to her advice and her joy at seeing the “new generation of writes and creators”. On top of all that, she read aloud a few poems of her own, which were so lively and relatable. I highly suggest you check out the anthology (I’m quite sure they have them at any public library) because the works will definitely put a smile on your face.

Hana K., 16 years, TLLC

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