Teen Review: “The Scorpio Races” by Maggie Stiefvater

Every November, the Scorpio Races start. The challenge is to ride a water horse, capaill uisce, large, strong horses that come from the water. On top of being beautiful, they are vicious. They prey on humans. It is in their nature to drag their rider under water. The races are done on the beach, making the capaill uisces draw to the water stronger. Kate (Puck), a teenage girl, joins the races for the money. Her family is desperate, and this is their last option. Many things stand in her way. For one, she is a girl competing in a formerly man’s race, and two, she won’t be doing it on a capaill uisce. She will be racing on her mare. Sean Kendrick, though emotionally reserved, has won in the past. His chances are good, and he has a way with horses unlike anyone else. He understands the capaill uisce and sees their beauty, despite their horrific nature. Can either of them survive the race, let alone win it? This story takes old legends of bloodthirsty water horses and twists them into a love story.

Aedan, Central TLLC, 16"The Scorpio Races" by Maggie Stiefvater book cover

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