Seismic Activity @ Landa’s Cool Teens Club








It wasn’t long before that we watched a movie on the “Tremors,” now we’re learning more about seismic activity and other neat things that help explain how to look underground without having to dig miles and miles below. Using a large hammer and a plastic board, vibrations traveled beneath the earth, then traveled into the wires as the data was collected into the computer or laptop. From there the information will be charted and use to map the geography of the area. From there we were able to go outside the library to see how the instruments worked. This made us understand how important this line of work is to other careers and etc. We also learned how to use some of the equipment, which was pretty fun. Thanks the professor who visited from Trinity University, not too far from here.
For more information about Seismic waves go on line to and other cool science stuff.

Rubi J, 16 years old, TLLC

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