Landa International Teen Club: Germany and Are You Fit?





P1030281International Teen Club
“Can I have the Cheese?” – Sergio
Well our friend Sergio did have a blast at our last meeting, as we took a turn into Germany. It was mostly a day outside in the sun as we played the National Sport of Germany: Soccer. Along with making these cute little animal snacks made out of fruits and cheese (-Tooth Picks-Oranges-Grapes (Two different colors)-Cheese-Mandarines or Tangarines (Something smaller that the orange for the mouth) called Käseigel- a snack in the shape of a hedgehog.
. It was very fun and entertaining as the members began to create new creatures and had fun playing with their food. Although we did have a small group, we were still able to enjoy ourselves and bring out the energy to make things even more interesting.
Our next meeting will be a secret for now, until further notice…if you want to discover which country we will be doing next, we will see you next crime.
Another important thing we would like to discuss who will be in charge once I am gone for Japan, if you’re fit to be our leader and host please let me know as soon as possible. Ja Nee (See Ya)
“I ate a monster”-Sergio
Rubi (16)

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