Teen Review: “Variant” by Robinson Wells

Benson Fisher, after going from one foster home to another, finally thinks he found a solution: Maxfield Academy. But once he arrives, all he wants to do is escape. At Maxfield, there are no teachers, supervisors or adults of any kind. Their every move is monitored, and groups of students are each assigned different tasks, like maintenance, administration, and so forth. Rule breaking is not tolerated. The biggest rule to break is attempting to escape. Depending on what you do, your punishment varies, but the worst is detention. When you’re sent to detention, you never come back. The school will randomly throw things at them, such as locking them out of a building all night or having them play paintball. No one can figure out why they are there. Are they being watched as an experiment? Trained as super military kids? Or something else? This book keeps you guessing until the end. I personally didn’t see the ending coming.

Aedan, Central TLLC, 16

"Variant" by Robinson Wells book cover

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