Teen Review: “Dear Julia” by Amy Bronwen Zemser

Ever since she was six, 16-year-old Elaine Hamilton has been writing to Julia Child, her hero. But not one letter has ever been posted. Except for the omelet, Elaine has mastered every single recipe from Julia Child’s cookbooks. Unlike her stay-at-home father, Elaine’s mother is in no way supportive of her dream to attend Smith College then go on to the Cordon Bleu in Paris like her all-time role model, Julia. Her mother, an extreme feminist advocate, is horrified by the idea of her daughter doing something so feminine as cooking. Because of this, all of Elaine’s dreams are at risk of never happening. But, after witnessing an accident producing several unfortunate event, Elaine ends up friends with the fun-loving, disorganized, Lucida Sans, a name she picked herself. Their friendship changes their lives and ends up with Elaine on a cooking competition show that could win her the dream of a lifetime.

Aedan, Central TLLC, 16"Dear Julia" by Amy Bronwen Zemser book cover

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