Youth Leadership Summit Day 3!

With Mayor_0 maddie

Day three of the Youth Leadership marked the end of a remarkable experience filled with diversity, growth, and newfound friends. My committee, general assembly (deforestation and natural disasters), met in the morning to brainstorm and draft resolutions for the topic questions, which dealt with reducing deforestation and carbon dioxide emissions as well as maritime security and natural disasters in the oceans. We debated using parliamentary procedure which helped provide order and organization. I had such a great time working together with the rest of the committee, and we finished both of our resolutions just in time.

During lunch, Carola McGiffert, the president of 100k Strong Foundation gave a presentation and speech. The 100k Strong Foundation helps students study abroad in china in order to learn more about the culture and form positive relations. The goals include bridging the gaps between nations and strengthening both economies. Shortly after, there was a presentation about sports diplomacy. Four individuals talked about the importance of sports, since sports are the “universal language”. Sports help bring unity, participation, hope, and opportunity, especially to those in developing countries. Ross Davis, a former paralympics athlete won his first gold medal in the 100m sprint in 1996 while competing in Atlanta. Davis said, “…most powerful lesson in sports is how to lose graciously”, and with that he learned respect. Cecilia Elizondo Herrera stated, “we are always trying to unite the country we’re working with with the United States”.

At 3:30pm, the Youth Leadership Summit held a final simulation for its youth delegates. Each committee presented their resolutions to global issues such as climate change, world health, deforestation, etc. It was an eye- opening experience and all the resolutions passed! This experience gave me an opportunity to debate effectively, learn new methods, and learn the importance of globalization, while being immersed in a mock Model United Nations simulation.

Awards were given to several of the youth delegates, and I was honored to receive an outstanding delegation award! During the Lou Wozar Annual awards Farewell Banquet, many individuals and organizations were honored for their lifelong dedication and work to unite countries and cultures, while giving the gift of opportunity to so many; there were awards for education, energy sustainability, and chairman awards. I met so many amazing people and this conference has helped me grow to be a better leader and team member. Thank you to Councilman Diego M. Bernal, Shahrzad Dowlatshahi, Beatrice Canales, the Sister Cities International staff, and my family.

-Maddie C.,16

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