Top 10 book females all girls (and boys) should meet

Top 3 book females that all girls (and boys) should meet

  1. Hermione Granger

Never mind her being the most brilliant witch of her age, Hermione is incredible in ways beyond her amazing intellect. She faces real adversity as a muggleborn, but rather than backing down, like so many before her, she stands up to Malfoy (a boy whose father got both Dumbledore and Hagrid fired) and just about anyone else who thinks she’s worthless. She isn’t blinded by Harry’s fame like almost every single other girl in the books. And you can’t seriously tell me this girl isn’t an incredible role-model in our society, a female character that is remembered, not for her beauty and romantic exploits, but for her intelligence and incredible magical ability? That’s what girls need to see, not a girl that depends on her magical boyfriend for everything *cough* Bella *cough*. Hermione is leagues better than Harry at just about every faction of magic (except maybe Patronus spells).

  1. Annabeth Chase

Another very smart girl that faces real adversity in her world and takes it in stride. Annabeth always knows what she wants (respect, a quest of her own, etc.) and she’s never afraid to take it. Despite her ADHD and dyslexia (which were actually a problem for her in the books) she reads all the time and truly loves it. And she’s an incredible fighter, rather than using a sword, like almost all the other demigods, she fights with a knife. Let that sink in. A true knife-fighter has to be much faster and smarter than an opponent with a longer reaching weapon. Percy would’ve died countless times without her help, and she’s an altogether great role model for just about any kid, especially those with ADHD and dyslexia.

  1. Every Tamora Pierce character

For fans of Tamora Pierce, you know what I’m talking about. Alanna, Daine, Kel and Becka (just to name a few) are incredibly capable young women in a society that doesn’t quite accept them. Alanna masquerades as a boy for years to become a knight rather than allow herself to be made into some courtier, and she’s pretty good at it. Despite her small stature she ends up being one of the best swordfighters in Tortall, and she does all this despite prejudice and setbacks due to her gender. Daine fights prejudice as a bastard child, and as a foreigner in Tortall. She makes her way through politics, vicious wildernesses and the most potent magic, without ever missing a step. Kel, unlike most of the other girls, survives almost completely on her own as an openly female page. Despite constant abuse and prejudice she never depends on a god for her strength and proves to be not only one of the strongest, but also one of the most protective and caring characters in the books. Finally, Becka succeeds in a society that is slowly degrading to a much more sexist system. Despite this, we still see several powerful women (including a lady knight) that show up in all of her books. She starts out as a starving child with a dying mother and several siblings to take care of, and she drags herself out of the gutter and into a real position of her own (all at the age of around 10). She’s strong, smart and fiercely loyal to the law, but she also shows the nitty-gritty side of policing that occurred then and even now. 

Katelyn, 16

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