Teen Review: “Fallen” by Lauren Kate

After being falsely accused of a crime, Lucinda Price, or Luce, is sent to a reform school called Sword and Cross. It is bleak, depressing, and more than a little scary. Eventually, Luce  grows accustomed to the school and even begins to almost like it. She befriends two girls, Arraign, almost immediately, and Pen, after having meatloaf dumped on her by a very intimidating girl named Molly. Luce can’t help but feel drawn to Daniel, a boy who is extremely rude at first. Later she finds out that Daniel is an angel who is cursed to fall in love with her every time they meet. The only problem is that every time he gets to close to her, she combusts. She is eventualy reborn only to die yet again. No matter how hard Daniel tries to avoid Lucinda in her lifetime, somehow they always end up together, and he just can’t help himself. Somehow in this particular lifetime, Luce doesn’t die. Why this lifetime? What makes it different? Read it, and find out! This cursed love story shows the struggle between good and evil and how sometimes they aren’t to different.

Aedan, Central TLLC, 16"Fallen" by Lauren Kate book cover

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