YWCA Thursday @ Las Palmas

YWCA come every thursday and have fun. They practically do a lot, we let them play the wii, do a craft, and board games. The wii is usually crowded with young or older boys. The board games well everyone is there, they play either Jenga, Dominoes, or even Connect 4. But the thing most of them like to do is the crafts. Today’s craft was octopuses, they were fun to create and fun to see all over. they were really easy to make, started off with a sock. A sock you say well yes a sock, grab the bottom of it and cut 8 thin lines. Then stuff it with a bag at the top, and put a rubber band around it. Glue some eyes and there is your octopus. Like i said really fun and easy I think everyone should try it.Image

~ Anna, 15

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