Teen Review: “Fat Cat” by Robin Brande

Cat has a weight issue. Smart but unhappy, Cat decides to change her life when presented with a science project. She is given a picture and is told to create a project around it. The picture is of early hominids scavenging for food. All she can think about is how healthy they look and how bad she wants to be like them. So using herself as a test subject, she embarks on a project of being as close to those people as possible. No phone, no car, and especially no junk food. Eating and being active the way they used to be begins to make the pounds drop and a new sense of confidence grow, but her new self has its own new set of problems. I really loved how Robin Brande used this hominids healthy lifestyle to create a story, making it a good example and entertaining. Not all good meals have to be bad for you.

Aedan, Central TLLC, 16"Fat Cat" by Robin Brande book cover



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