A Reading Workbook for Fall Tutoring

So, the workbook is coming together! Its purpose is for kids to not forget what they learned by providing them with problems. It is for kids in 2nd-5th grade, and grows progressively harder. If they wish, kids are able to look back at last year’s english to review it. At the end of the workbook, an answer sheet is provided. It includes books recommended for summer reading, and spelling and grammar worksheets. There are plans for math to be included in the workbook. The workbook is intended to cover a little bit of everything, not going into depth, so the child will know what subject they need to improve on. It is not meant to teach kids new subjects, it’s practice for the kids to confirm their knowledge. It covers a wide range of grammar. Now I need to add a little reading comprehension!

Lola C. ,14, Landa TLLC

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