Finland!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!! (^-^)/

HELLO CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!! You may call me Sai! I have nicknames such as: Sai, Sai, Sai…….. and Sai. This is my first time doing a blog….. last time I did a vlog with Giselle,  but…… this vlog didn’t work out too well…… sadness (TT-TT) ANYWAYS!!!!!!!!! We didn’t do a vlog this time because during the video, we didn’t really talk about Finland… we just recorded random stuff… such as the floor, ceiling, Sergio, wall…. Sergio…. NEXT TIME WE WILL DO A VLOG!!!! I PROMISE!!!! Ok, back to business. So our last meeting was about Finland. During our meeting, we played music, heard facts, and ate a Finnish pie made by Giselle! Not many people showed up so Giselle and I didn’t have everyone play the Finnish games we found. One game we were going to do was the Bride Carrying Contest. We were going to pair everyone up and have them go through a obstacle course to win a prize! Since that didn’t happen, we just gave the prize to Sergio….. he wasn’t very happy about that…. But he did like the Minnie Mouse body shimmer perfume we put in it! (^-^) After that, we didn’t do much, but discuss our next meeting. Speaking of the next meeting, Giselle and I won’t be there (;-;) We will be at San Japan that weekend… BUT I WILL NOT BREAK MY PROMISE ON DOING A VLOG!!!!! Giselle and I will be doing interviews and vlogging at San Japan. While we are there, the next meeting will continue and the topic will be Brazil. WE WILL BE LOOKING FORWARD TO OUR CAPOIERA/ BREAK DANCE DISPLAY!!!! Haha… get it? Capoiera, Brazil?…… Nevermind…… (;-;)


Well that was fun… but I hope to never blog again… my fingers hurt from typing too much… (-___-“) 

Wish us luck at San Japan!!! And if we break our promise….. WE WILL DO THE DREADFUL/ PAINFUL MIDDLE SPLIT AS OUR PUNISHMENT!!!!! t(*A*t)

THIS HAS BEEN: blogging with Sai!!!!!!!



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