Occupy Landa! Support Statements from Landa Teen Library Leadership Council

The libraries of San Antonio are vital to the community, providing free necessary resources including internet access, reference materials, online tutoring, media, and interactive programs for all ages and economic backgrounds. Libraries engage citizens in activities and clubs that they find enjoyable; this is necessary for individual and public growth.  These opportunities are made possible through librarians and dedicated community members who would be drastically affected if budget cuts are implemented.

Madeline, 16 years

Brigitte, 15 years

Yash, 16 years

Nayeli, 16 years


Would you like to support what the SAPL has worked so hard to maintain in the past years, or try and advance a society without the joy of reading and social interaction between each other?
–Paul, 14 years


“It feels as if society has forgotten what it’s like to pick up a good book, sit on a comfortable couch, and enjoy the creativity of others. The library has allowed me to escape the world of technology and return to those times, it has also provided a sense of security and knowledge. The ability to learn from others in my community and pariticipate in clubs and activities is something I would never want taken away from me because it is something that I treasure deeply.”-Gladis, 16 years


“The library is a second home; something that I can take home with me.” -Lola, 14 years


“I’ve been coming to the libray for as long as I can remember. It has been so influential to my personal development, and what kind of interest I have. Oftentimes, I think I would have stopped coming to the library as a teen. The teen leadership club has encouraged me to keep coming to the library and without these kinds of programs, I think we would have a far less active teen community here. I can’t think of what it would be like had I stopping coming to the library, and I hope many others are able to continue having this wonderful experience in the future.”-Hana, 16

“The library system may not be the most profitable system in San Antonio but it is vital to our community. It’s value is as intangible as the quite satisfaction of a child with a good book, or the encouragement they get from our free tutoring program. We provide a comfortable envoirment where people can pursue their interests and learn and it is important that we have the resources we need to provide these services. With that in mind we ask you to please reconsider the budget cuts aimed at our libraries. For instance the Bookmobile which faces elimination could have it’s route shortened and use donated books so it would use less gas and books and therefore be cheaper to run.”- Carolina, 17 years

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