A Day In Brazil-International Teen Club Blogger

Brazil is a very exotic country with lots to learn from and many things to experiment. It is known for its rich culture and its incredible beauty. We learned about the different aspects that contribute to making Brazil what it is today. From Samba to Capoeira to Soccer we learned about its rich diversity and fun. We also touched on some recent issues that are affecting Brazil today, like the protest being made by citizens because the World Cup is taking all of these people’s resources such as education, health care, and transportation. There were a few failures in the preparation for this presentation but we laughed it off. As we attempted to make some Brazilian Lemonade we struggled to cut the lemons, had some mishaps with the blender, and forgot to bring a strainer so we could get rid of the pulp. But in conclusion we had a great time and enjoyed learning about the rich culture and fun lifestyle of a Brazilian.

Gladis, 16 years, ITC council member

Brazilian Culture

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