An unforgettable weekend at San Japan.

San Japan was from Friday the 16th to Sunday the 18th.
It was certainly not boring at any moment while I was there, it was extremely fun and exciting. For those of you who haven’t heard of San Japan, or have but don’t know what it is, it’s an Anime convention that goes on for three days every year. You get to go different panels about anime, or things involving anime, and they have merchandise there too, that isn’t always anime related but still amazing nonetheless. You can cosplay (costume play) as characters from anime or characters that aren’t from anything related to anime, or not cosplay at all. But basically you just get to meet lots of amazing people, see amazing cosplays, listen to interesting panels they have, buy awesome things they sell at different booths, and sometimes they have people there signing autographs. It’s an amazing event! I had a lot of fun.

I cosplayed the first day as Jack Frost, Rise of The Guardians. Here is a photo while I was waiting in line and I spotted another Jack Frost. Image
and here is a photo while I was inside and I spotted Loki, The Avengers.Image

The first day was a lot of fun, I didn’t think anyone would think my cosplay was that great, but about 100 people took my photo the first day. Several people, including a really nice woman who volunteered at San Japan, said I had the best Jack Frost cosplay they had ever seen. I was really flattered. At San Japan they even had the Tardis there! A lot of people flocked around the Tardis the first day, so I didn’t get a photo until the second day. There are probably a few people who don’t know what the Tardis is, Time And Relative Dimension In Space, it is basically the time machine the Time Lords use in Doctor Who. Image

Speaking of Doctor Who, when we first walked into the con on Friday, we saw a Weeping Angel. I tried not to blink.. Image

I’ll start showing you a few of the photos I took of the amazing cosplayers they had there. Image

On the right is my friend, Eli, cosplaying as Cecil, Welcome to Night Vale, posing with Carlos, Welcome to Night Vale.

And here is another photo of characters from Welcome to Night Vale

From left to right, Carlos, Cecil, and Cecil.Image

Ramona Flowers, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. (Andy and I took a photo of every Ramona Flowers cosplayer we could find.)Image

Scott Pilgrim, Scott Pilgrim vs. the WorldImage

Kim Possible, Kim Possible.Image

Raven, Teen Titans.Image

Left to right, Ice King, Marceline, Adventure Time.Image

Professor Utonium, The Powerpuff Girls.Image

Left to right, Vanellope von Schweetz, Ralph, Wreck-It Ralph.Image

Kyubey, Puella Magi Madoka Magica.Image

Left to right, Chihiro Ogino, No-Face, Spirited Away.Image

Left to right, Ty Lee, Toph, and Suki, Avatar: The Last Airbender.Image

Enderman, Minecraft.Image

Left to right, Female 10th Doctor, 10th Doctor, Doctor Who. (They were really nice and super adorable)Image

Dr. Horrible, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.Image

Elizabeth, BioShock Infinite.Image

Left to right, Sophie, Howl, Howl’s Moving Castle.Image

Here is one of my friends, Suree, cosplaying as Dipper Pines, and posing with Grunkle Stan, Gravity Falls.Image

10th Doctor, Doctor Who.Image

Hawkeye, The Avengers. (He was really funny, and definitely my favourite Hawkeye cosplayer)Image

Sam, Moonrise Kingdom.Image

Clark Kent, Superman.


Left to right, Grunkle Stan, Dipper Pines, Gravity Falls.


Bonus photo: On Friday I spotted this Will Graham plushie and bought it for my Mom since we both loved the books and movies, and really love the new show “Hannibal” it was the only Will Graham plushie they had. He even has a flower crown! Eli put his Will Graham Defense Squad button on him because I didn’t buy that button until Sunday. Also, you can see Andy in the background, she was cosplaying as a character (I forgot the character’s name) from Dangan Ronpa.


I took so many more photos at San Japan, but those were a few of my favourite cosplays. Besides panels to go to, we went to a Pokemon Jeopardy, which was extremely fun. We went to a showing of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, I took a photo of the actor who played Dr. Horrible. It was funny, I asked for a photo but as soon as I was about to take a photo the lights turned out, so he and I both laughed about that. He also was the actor who played Frank N. Furter in the showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which was extremely fun. I love that musical and I’ve never been to a showing of it before, so it was an amazing experience that I’ll never forget. Also, I forgot to add about the line outside for people who pre-registered, is that it was extremely hot outside and I was wearing a hoodie so that didn’t help matters. I was asked for a lot of hugs during the convention, so that was really nice. Although there were a few creepy people, like this guy that just came up, grabbed my shoulders and whispered in my ear “Stay frosty, my friends.” when I was cosplaying Jack Frost, that was pretty creepy, but there’s barely any creepy people, so don’t worry if you’re planning on going next year, which is in July.

I was pretty scared to go, because I thought people would judge me or something of the sort, but no, everyone was extremely nice. Even when I had two panic attacks the second day, there were people helping me, so everyone is extremely kind there. I am so glad I decided to go, because I will never forget all of the nice people I met and the amazing friends I made.

Here’s one of my favourite memories, there were 7 of us waiting in line for Creepy Pasta readings, and it was about 2:00am, we were all really tired, and the line was really long. I was talking with Eli’s friend, Damon, and he was really nice, we were talking about the cosplays we had seen and then we started talking about how long the line was. When we finally got to the door, they said they could only take 5, so we all decided to walk to Denny’s and we all talked and had lots of fun. I can’t stop talking about that moment to everyone I know, because I just really loved that, it was so nice to feel involved in something. The people we met were so awesome and kind.

Another favourite memory of mine is when we went to see Richie Branson, while we were waiting this guy (his name was ‘Ke$ha’ on his nametag) was entertaining the crowd until Richie got there, he started calling up cosplayers and then he pointed at me and told me to get over here, I was really embarrassed, and everyone was looking at me, my friends told me to go so I went over there. He complimented me on my cosplay and said “You’re a pretty cute Jack Frost. I mean really, you’re a great Jack Frost.” and then when Richie Branson came onto the stage he sang two songs and then said how much he loved Cosplay girls and how cute they are. Then he looked at me,  pointed, and said “Yeah, I see you Jack Frost.” then he began to sing “Cosplay girls” it was really fun.

On Sunday, a woman from the San Antonio Current took two photos of me and Eli. Although I wish she had waited about 10 minutes to take the photo, because I noticed my wig had moved up and my actual hair was showing. I fixed it 10 minutes later, but if only she had taken the photo 10 minutes later. It was fun though, and my parents were extremely excited to see me in a slideshow of “The 27 Best Cosplayers At San Japan Sinister 6” also, Eli thought it was funny because he wasn’t even cosplaying when the woman took the photo of us.

There were so many awesome things that happened at San Japan, I’m definitely going next year. I will probably still say it was amazing five years from now.

Written by Hannah Drummond.

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