Teen Review: “Incarceron” by Catherine Fisher

Trapped in the prison Incarceron, Finn knows he is from the outside. Gildas, the sapient/wise-one of the gang, believes Finn’s flashes of the outside are the key to their escape. Gildas believes that Finn is to follow the path of the legendary Sapphique and finally see the stars.When Finn finds a key, he is able to communicate with someone on the outside. That someone is Claudia, the daughter of the warden of Incarceron. Claudia is shocked to find out how poor the situation is in Incarceron. It was supposed to be a paradise for all the criminals to live in, but as time went on, it decayed to the horrible place that it is now. In a way, Claudia herself is trapped. Since Incarceron was built, the outside has been frozen in time. No more technology and no more growth. She is also trapped in a horrible engagement with the prince. Both Finn and Claudia must help each other in order to escape their fates. I thought this book was quite interesting because you could guess some parts of the story but every once in a while something would be a complete surprise. Is anyone really free?

Aedan, Central TLLC, 16

"Incarceron" by Catherine Fisher book cover


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