IGO Anime Art Competition

IGO OTAKU cracks

So before school ended last school year, Igo library had an  Anime  Art Competition that occurred concomitantly with the Annual Igo  Anime Festival. The winner was actually yours truly , (by the way, I’d like to thank my parents for giving birth to me, my art teachers for building my hubris through flattery, and the public education system for supplying said art teachers) and my artwork is attached here:

Imperial (small_

I hadn’t drawn this specifically for the purpose of entering the contest, it was just on hand when I saw the advertisement, and I thought, what the heck.

I thought it was a small competition with only a couple of entries at first, but wow was the competition fierce. There were 48 entries from nine different high schools across San Antonio. The other contestants were truly talented; it must have been a hard decision for the judges.

Here are a couple of the many other entries:


This artist is phenomenal. He entered several drawings, but I have a penchant for this one in particular. It’s very dark and edgy, with an almost macabre feel. I love the contrast between dark and light, I think adding color would actually lessen the wow factor of this piece.



This next artist is actually a part of IGO Otaku:


And a couple more,






Yep. Young people these days are so talented, especially on topics they are passionate about.

The prize was a wonderful and well appreciated surprise too.
The bundle of goodies was stacked neatly in a pile, with twine wrapping it in place.

It had a DVD of Cardcaptors Sakura on the bottom, then a manga, a Barnes and Nobles gift card, a box of pocky, and a small hand made bag.

That’s enough incentive to compete next year.

Melanie, 15 Igo TLLC

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