San Japan

So basically this was my first year at San Japan and I was just so amazed of how awesome it was, this of course being the first convention I’ve ever been to. I actually had a step brother who is a member there and I got v.i.p access,and it was awesome! I also got to meet up with some friends and accidentally we went into a room we knew nothing about,and so we decided to walk out. We grabbed some ice cream and I kinda got cheeped off but hey I wasn’t complaining. Soon after, I decided to go to the dealers room and bought a sword. For future reference,a Wooden sword is really rare to find at first so grab it. I saw a lot of cos-play from this one story i read called Homestuck and I was really excited. That’s basically all I really did and I plan on going next year.

Tobin TLLC

So this was my 3rd year going to San Japan. It seems that each year is better than the last. I decided to go as Buttercup from the power puff girls. Seeing all the costumes and cos-players being in characters was like a dream come true. Even though there were several people dressed up as the same thing, finding someone dressed up as your favorite character held its own unique joy. The dealer room and craft room were very popular, money was thrown around like flyers. The art was amazing to look at, it was even more so to have just a copy. I saw literally every fandom represented. From Whovians to Homestucks. I can honestly say that no matter who you are you welcomed with free hugs.

Tobin TLLC

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