Teen Review: “The Dark Unwinding” by Sharon Cameron

Forced by her aunt to investigate her uncle so that they can have him locked away on claims of insanity, Katherine Tulman is not looking forward to her visit. Her aunt simply wants the inheritance from Katherine’s uncle for her greedy, piggish son. Because there are rumors that Uncle Tully is laying waste to all of the family money, something must be done, and that someone to do it is Katherine. When she arrives, the enormous house is a ghost town. There is little to no staff and a ridiculous amount of dust. What she does find in perfect working order is a small town on the property. Her uncle, though a genius, is not equipped to live alone. Before her death, his mother ensures him a home for the rest of his life by creating a self-sustaining village filled with people to care for him. Turning her kind uncle in for insanity would not only ruin him but all of the rescued factory workers who live there, as well. Katherine hates the thought of having him committed, but it is the only way to ensure her own future. Can she make the right choice? I liked this book because a sinister plot unfolds that keeps you guessing until the end.

Aedan, Central TLLC, 16

"The Dark Unwinding" by Sharon Cameron book cover


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