Landa International Teen Blogger: International Technology

Technology is such a broud idea that I need to focus one more aspect for now. Let me begin with the effects technology has on world culture. With that, we get to some debatable issues. The importance of individual culture is brought to the table.
Is the spread of technology eliminating ethnic cultures by globalizing western culture? It sounds like a bunch of vocabulary words taken from an AP history class, but the issue is: Because America is the country that has made the most significant technological advances in the 50 years, American culture is spreading with each technological innovation. To be simply put, English is the language of technology. For example, the manuals that come with American made fighter planes are only made in English, so pilots in other countries must learn English to fly our planes.
As countries quickly become “modernized” they begin to lose their cultural identity (cultural identity includes language or traditions). With the endless benefits technology can bring to third world countries, access to a more “modern” culture draws them away from ethnic beliefs that have been present for years. In a way, the spread of technology can have a negative impact on the world to conflict the positives. With the worldwide scale technology has taken, it’s important that we find a balance of modernizing the world for the benefit of society but keeping true to our origins and knowing where we come from.
From the view of a 15 year old born into the raging age of technology and internet societies, I find it so odd that as we have more access to information on other societies, those other societies begin to disspear. Learning about them and becoming informed is always an option to help revive the thousands of different cultures present in our world. Maybe reading these blog posts are a start!
Ale, 15, ITC

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