Teen Review: “Sky on Fire” by Emmy Laybourne

After a crazy, ginormous storm hits Monument, 14 kids are stuck in a superstore. They are Monument’s 14. At the end of the first book, they decide the only way to save one of their own who has been shot is to go to the Denver National Airport where people are being evacuated. Dean, Astrid and Chloe stay behind because their blood type (O) when exposed to the air turns them into savage killers. Caroline and Henry, two of the younger kids, choose to stay behind, as well, instead of entering this new, terrifying world. That leaves Dean’s younger brother, Max, Niko, Josie and the others to make it to Denver in the school bus they fixed up and semi-chemical proofed. Any number of horrible things could happen between Monument and Denver, but they have to try. “Sky on Fire,” unlike “Monument 14,” is written from both Dean’s and Max’s perspectives. Though most books have a terrible sequel, “SoF” not only lives up to the first book but maybe even surpasses it. It is most definitely worth your time.

Aedan, Central TLLC, 16

 "Sky on Fire" by Emmy Laybourne book cover

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