Landa Teen Outreach: A Meeting with Councilman Diego Bernal (District 1)

052[2] 055[2] 056[2] 057[2] 058[2]Last week, Hana K. and I met with Councilman Diego Bernal, of District 1, where we discussed the future plans of the Landa Library Tutoring Program as well as the Landa Teen Leadership Council. It was truly an amazing experience to talk about implementing similar programs at other library branches in the city, and we greatly appreciated Councilman Bernal’s support, ambition, and dedication in helping make the tutoring program even more of a success.

Councilman Bernal was wonderfully approachable about the Teen Leadership Council, and he offered his support in any way needed. We were very lucky to have been able share what we have been working on in the Teen Leadership Council regarding tutoring and other outreaches we have made.

Tutoring for children in grades k- 5 is every Sunday from 2:30- 3:30pm. Tutoring is provided in every subject, and materials are provided.

-Maddie C., 16, Landa TLLC
-Hana K., 16, Landa TLLC

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