“Pretty in Pink” Breast Cancer Awareness Event at Landa Library Cool Teens Club







P1030457A girl’s gotta be pretty and smart; smart about Breast Cancer. We hear about the forbidden “C” word, but never really feel its threat until it attacks a loved one. Last Wednesday, in honor of the many women and men who are diagnosed with the disease I along with the other Landa Library teens thought that we should educate ourselves on this matter.

We decided to throw an all PINK party, acknowledging the Susan G. Komen pink ribbon symbol for Breast Cancer awareness. On October 16, we dined on pink cookie wafers, pink cupcakes, pink lemonade in pink cups, and basically just had a fun party while watching the movie Pretty In Pink. We also had the honor of listening to Breast Cancer survivor and awareness advocate Lucie’ s story of her victory over the disease. While the mood was playful, we made sure to not make light of this issue that continues to consume more and more people each year.

But a resounding theme during the party was clear: Hope. There’s hope for a cure, a new day freed from the chains of the disease, a future without fear. And so as we teens continue to better ourselves each day, there is one thing we must not forget. There is always hope, even if you can’t see it.

The only problem is that you have to be brave enough to find it, for when you do, you open a door to new opportunities that will change you. We should never forget and we will never stop until the fear of disease ceases to exist. This is the promise we have made.

We honor the brave women and men who continue to fight and defeat Breast Cancer every day. We also honor those who have won their battles and left this world, along with their lessons for us to learn on how to defeat this foe once and for all.

With all respect and appreciation, Kayleigh, 17, Cool Teens Club

3 Responses to ““Pretty in Pink” Breast Cancer Awareness Event at Landa Library Cool Teens Club”

  1. So refreshing to hear young, enthusiastic voices! How great is it that our public libraries offer this chance for the voices to be heard! Thank you!

    • Lucie Arteaga Says:

      I agree! This club was very fun to speak to or rather with. Having done several speaking engagements in October, this one by far was my favorite. A truly respectful and amazing group of people.

  2. Lucie Arteaga Says:

    It was a huge honor to have had the opportunity to speak to all of you. I loved the theme, the energy and the attention given to me as I told my story of survival. I absolutely love this blog post and have shared it on Facebook. Thank you for honoring the millions of people that have had to deal with this very unpleasant disease.

    Thank you so much for your passion.

    Ps: you are an amazing writer 💗

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