YALSA details and Teen Advocacy

This week, I’ll be writing about a program that relates more to libraries rather than to international culture. A program called YALSA allows for anyone who is willing, to support libraries all over the country. (By the way, YALSA stands for Young Adult Library Services Association)This program offers yearly grants and scholarships for library workers and advocates. It also is in support for National Library Legislature Day where local officials, parents, trustees, and library workers talk to congress about library funding and access to federally funded scholar articles. They serve to improve the ability of libraries to be more accessible and helpful for teens.
The Landa Teen Library Council is participating in the event titled “Teens Need Libraries”. To participate, you post either on Facebook, twitter, vine, or another network an image of the phrase “without libraries…” and you can complete the sentence. You can make a sign, spell out the sentence in objects, or anything else you can think of! This project is mainly aimed at teens between the ages of 12-18 to help spread the word of how important libraries are to the lives of people everywhere, but anyone can support the cause.
To help support the cause, I’ve created my own sentence for “without libraries” and am going to post it right here! Libraries have preserved the worlds history since ancient times. The details of every civilization, medicine, language, artist, and more are found in the quietness of a library. So, my sentences is… Without libraries, we’d be without our past. I hope that wasn’t too tremendously cliche, but there it is!
I visited their website and was able to read copious amounts of information on their programs and recent activities to gain support for local libraries and encourage frequent reading among teens. Under their more recent events is webinar that allows for teens to pair a fiction book with a compatible nonfiction book that might be of interest to them. Nonfiction books are usually considered only for research, but this event aims to widen the range of genres in your mental library. The details can be found on the website that I linked at the end of this blog post.
Through the YALSA website you can make donations to help fund scholarships, join the organization, and learn how you can help in simple ways that make a huge difference. Hopefully you will join in!

Ale, 15, International Teen Blogger

Here are some of the members’ responses to “Without Libraries”:


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