Cool Teens Talk Radio: Making RADIOwaves

cool teens talk radio coolteenstalkradio1 cooteenstalk2
Hey Landa Listeners,
This past Wednesday, the teen group had the chance to learn, from Chris at Texas Public Radio,  about podcasts, and we were able to use the IPads to explore options.  The guest speaker said that the program, Audacity, works well for audio pieces because it’s easy to record, then erase parts as needed.  Podcasts are often interviews that can just have an audio component or both visual and audio components. The teens are planning to start  a podcast radio show that will launch late January.  This revolutionary program will be the first of many in the San Antonio Public Library system and hopefully with listener and staff support the teens will have a long run  with this series.  As the teens begin to experiment and create their podcast program we hope you listeners at home will continue to follow up with all their progress. Stay tuned for more exciting news on the Podcast development.
– Maddie C. and Kayleigh A., 17 years, Cool Teens Club

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