Studio to Studio

This past Monday, Central teens had the opportunity to head across the street to the Southwest School of Art. Image

We took a tour of the grounds and saw some of the beautiful landscaping. Our group also got to learn about some of the amazing architecture and history of the school. One really interesting fact was how it’s connected to the original San Antonio aqueduct, and the Underground Railroad! We even got to see some of it from inside the building, which was so cool.




(A view of the passageway under the building)

We saw some amazing artwork in the different classrooms and galleries, and learn some about the artists. We also got to see some a totally prodigious middle school aged class hard at work, making incredible oil drawings. During the tour, we were given tons of information about after school art programs and classes, adult and teen scholarships we could get, and different upcoming events and classes.



We also got the exciting news that the library will be partnering with SSA. Which means totally cool things, like more art programs at the library and tons of opportunities for teens who are interested in art and art school.

One rad opportunity, in January, is going to be a free field trip to the McNay!

All in all, it was a fun tour and I’m excited to pursue all the opportunities it presented to me, including scholarships and classes!



Then, of course, after we were so inspired to make our own art that we had to head back to the library (our ‘studio’) to jam at Eclectic Electric.



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