Movie Review: Blackfish

Movie Review: Blackfish

I know I usually talk about books, but I really think everyone should see this incredibly well done and heartbreaking documentary. It follows the life of one of the largest orca Sea World has ever owned: Tilikum. Not too long ago Tilikum became famous for killing a trainer during a show, and since then massive controversy about the captivity of such large and possibly dangerous animals has exploded worldwide. From his capture as a calf from his pod to his horrible life in a small attraction is Canada called Sea Land and finally to his final mistake in Sea World, Tilikum’s life story is a heartbreaking and eye-opening story that has left millions of people worldwide screaming for justice. This documentary also follows the treatment of Orcas in Sea World and other large aquatic parks, as well as gives a new perspective of our favorite black and white aquatic mammals: that of the orcas themselves. So whether you love, hate or just don’t care about Sea World I suggest you watch this documentary.

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