Teen Book Review: The Chemical Gardens

“Fever” by Lauren DeStefano

After escaping the clutches of Housemaster Vaughn, Rhine and Gabriel land in yet another sort of prison. This one is no where near as nice as being a sister wife. Their new prison is a carnival run by a mad opiate-driven woman who loves all things beautiful, and Rhine’s unusual looks are a great addition to the jewel-colored girls she keeps. With help, Rhine and Gabriel finally escape that horrible place and travel to Manhattan to continue Rhine’s search for her brother. Even though most of the world no longer exists, it still seems like an even bigger place with all the means of communication gone in the wreck that has been left behind. Through the entire journey, Rhine becomes more and more sick with what can only be the Virus. She has several years left until her twentieth birthday, but could Housemaster Vaughn still be hurting her hundreds of miles away?

"Fever" by Lauren DeStefano book cover

“Sever” by Lauren DeStefano

Linden finally knows what his father is capable of doing. It may take him time to fully accept the facts of what Housemaster Vaughn has done, but at least now he has the chance to make decisions for himself. With his eyes now open, Rhine is free to go and find not only her brother but Gabriel, as well. She is too sick to start the journey right away, so Linden introduces her to his Uncle Reed, an inventor who, besides being brilliant, is nothing like his younger brother. With the help of Cecily, her sister wife, Linden and Reed, can Rhine finally end her search for her brother, and will she like what she finds on the way? This final novel in the Chemical Garden series is touching and shows you how large and intricate Vaughn’s reach is. It may even stretch into the ruined world beyond America.

"Sever" by Lauren DeStefano book cover

Aedan, Central TLLC, 16

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