Landa International Teen Blogger: Irish architectural history——>Student Research Center————>Murder Holes and Castles

This is the link to the murder hole picture:

While the title says “Irish architectural history” the main focus of this blog post is castles! (The proper name for these structures is tower houses, but we know them as castles.) Despite the fact that castles originated in England, I have a particular preference for Irish castles. The castles in Ireland are mostly attributed to the Norman invasions around the 1170s.

Castles, in general, were built for the sole purpose of military defense. Many Irish castles were built with what is called a “murder hole”. Just beyond the entrance of the castle, there would be holes in the ceiling from which defenders could kill the attackers, pour hot oil on them, throw rocks, and other things of the sort. Some minor defensive flaws were noticed in Irish castles that might have been a result of other intentions while building. The castles were theorized to be built simply to frighten away attackers and place the surrounding public in awe and the style of building. One of the first castles the Normans built was the Trim castle that included details of Romanesque architecture.


The Irish house of parliament, built and used before Northern Ireland became part of the United Kingdom, is a prime example of how Palladian styles of architecture from Italy have diffused into Ireland

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