Teen Review: “Prodigy” by Marie Lu

June and Day have escaped The Republic’s law enforcement but are in a bad situation. Despite Day’s resistance to joining a rebel group called the Patriots, the prodigious duo must seek out their help in exchange for medical attention for Day’s injured leg, the finding and freeing of Eden, Day’s younger brother, and their eventual escape to the Colonies. As a form of payment for their services, all the the Patriots ask for from June and Day is their participation in the assassination of the new Elector, Anden. His death could cause a revolution, possibly ending in the reestablishment of the United States. No more warring sides. The Republic and The Colonies would be joined together in their former glory. The only problem is that once the plan is in action and June gets to spend time with Anden, she realizes he is nothing like his father and has many revolutionary ideas that could change The Republic for the better. Can June save the Elector without putting Day in danger and uncovering where everyone’s loyalties lie? With Day and June backing the new Elector, Anden can win over the population and just might have a chance at changing history.

Aedan, Central TLLC, 17

Teen Review: "Prodigy" by Marie Lu book cover

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