What’s going on at the central library teen department?

Hey guys i did one of the most amazing things i have done  in my life so far, this past saturday. A group of teens from the central libruary teen department, went over to an awsome mini fild trip across the street at the Southwest School of Art. We worked with pottery and made some stuning bolws, they were different sizes and we even made some pretty cool different types of shapes as well! We have few saturdays left before we do the pinhole photography i have heard how wounderful it is, and i can not wait until we get to do that.

In Central Teen Serveices Department, we do some other impresive activities. I am very enthusiastic and definetly looking foward to all the impresively shocking  events that will be happening right here at the central libruary. I am particuly looking foward to the green sreen movies, i hear it is a lot of fun, and  that we the teens will be making the movieourselfs, and get this it does not have to be a movie it can also just be a picture (if you want to make it simpleler) isn’t that spectacular, i think it is it’s like mind-blowing. The best par of all, is that the teen department will  be doing incredible, unbeleivable activities almost everyday (monday-thursday) i can’t wait. Word of advice guys, you all should totally check this astonishing, rediculous, amazing things, that  these inspiring great employes do for us the teens.You won’t regreat it!

-Jack ❤


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