Feast of Sharing 2013

This is kind of a late post, but recently I volunteered at the Feast of Sharing that was located at the Henry B. Gonzalez convention center.

I got there at about 11:00, I believe. It was pouring rain when I arrived, luckily I brought an umbrella. While I was trying to find the SAPL booth I went past a lot of volunteers that were helping make the food, the apple pies smelt amazing. I got lost several times, but there was a lot of nice people that helped me so I finally found my way to the SAPL booth. When I got to the booth there were two people there, I can’t remember their names (I’m bad with names, I have to ask several times before I can finally remember someone’s name), but they were so kind. I really liked talking to them. I was the first teen volunteer there, later another teen volunteer came along, he was really nice too. Basically what I did at the booth was answer questions about the library and it’s programs. It was really fun, and there were a lot of different characters attending the Feast of Sharing. After a long while at the booth I decided to walk around and take photos, it was really nice, but a lot, and I do mean a lot, of people kept touching my hair, which made me laugh a lot, and feel slightly creeped out, so I returned to the booth. There was lots of music playing, but two different people were playing music, one was probably on an ipod or some type of music player, and the other was a live band, they kept getting louder and louder to try and drown out the other person I’m assuming.  So after a while we basically had to yell at people to talk to them, which was funny.

It was about 3:30 when we decided to close early, because it was like a ghost town at the SAPL booth, two booths down people were giving out cookies so there was a long queue. Luckily by the time I got outside the rain had cleared up and it was quite sunny outside.

Anyways, I really loved it, and it was nice answering questions, I really do hope I’ll be invited to volunteer next time they have one. I really enjoyed meeting the people that were at the SAPL booth.


Here are some of the photos I took while there.






Written by Hannah Drummond.

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