Teen Review: “Champion” By Marie Lu

On the verge of signing a peace treaty with the Republic, the Colonies of America change their mind when a virus starts killing off their soldiers along the Republic’s border. Claiming it is caused by the Republic, who used to use viruses as a weapon, the Colonies refuse to end the war until they have been given the cure. The only problem is that the Republic doesn’t have the cure, and the only way they believe they can get it is by testing Eden Day’s brother. There is no way Day will let them take Eden back to perform even more gruesome tests on him, but Anden, the new leader of the Republic, convinces June to plead with Day anyway. It is such horrible circumstances for them to be reunited, but the Republic is in a bad state. As the situation grow worse and worse, it becomes clear that the only way to save what Day, June and Anden have worked so hard toward is a cure. Can the military manage to hold off the Colonies long enough to find one? This final book was a good way to end the “Legend” series. It left me in a hopeful mood.

Aedan, Central TLLC, 17

"Champion" By Marie Lu book cover


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