February Science Experiment: Landa Library

P1030705 P1030707 P1030715 P1030700 P1030701 P1030702 P1030703 P1030704

As usual, on the first Sunday of the month the Landa Teen Leadership Council conducted a science demonstration for kids. Before the experiment,  the Teen Leadership Council  discussed how perform the experiment and also participated in a team building exercise.

The topic for this month’s experiment was Acids & Bases. We began the demonstration by asking the six children  if they knew what acids and bases were, but none did. We then explained the basic characteristics of acids and bases and where they fell on the PH scale. After showing each child the PH scale, we asked them to postulate whether the materials on the table were acids or bases. We then handed each child a PH strip to test their postulates. The children each were handed a pair of gloves to wear.  They tested lemon juice, orange juice, baking soda, bleach, and water and found that lemon juice and orange juice were acidic and the baking soda and bleach were basic, while the water was neutral. We then demonstrated the corrosive properties of acids and bases by having them use a paste made of baking soda and water to clean dull pennies. After the experiment, the children washed their hands and were allowed to keep their pennies.

It was very fun and educational for everybody!Mathias Hudock,   16

Lola Carrola,   14

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