Teen Review: “Code” by Kathy Reichs

The team of Virals, now prosperous from their last adventure with pirate treasure, are enjoying an easy life. Of course with the Virals, that never lasts. They find a geocache on Loggerhead Island. A geocache is is an item someone hid and uploaded the position online so that other people can find it and hide something different in its place. Finding the geocache traps the team in a warped plot orchestrated by The Gamemaster. They have to keep playing, or else the lives of innocent people are at risk. Can they get ahead in the game or will they be trapped in a downward spiral of this unidentified threat? This third book really pushes the Virals’ talents to the limit while still having to deal with normal life.

Aedan, Central TLLC, 17

Teen Review: "Code" by Kathy Reichs book cover

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