Igo “Starbooks Cafe” book club

Personally, I resisted reading this book for months before I put it to my ultimate book worthiness test: opening the book to a random page and reading one sentence. The sentence I got was, “That they are arrogant, insufferable, and, on occasion, have been known to breed with fish.” Who wouldn’t read this novel after hearing that? Ah, the intrigue!

Heroes of the Valley focuses on challenging one’s assumptions and the severe and sometimes surprising reality of life. The main character is a intrepid and clever antihero, Halli, who has lived his entire life in his House, but dreams of becoming a legend. This book returns you to a world where the thin line between reality and legend is blurred and adventure is awaiting. Is the belt that Halli carries really good luck? Do trows exist? What is the fate of those who pass the cairns? Repeatedly, this book questions and reasserts the reality of life. Written in the style of a long-ago tale, the novel is expressed mostly in amusingly candid dialogue and is full of refreshingly stark humor. “Heroes of the Valley” contains only authentic, realistic characters that fight battles with wit and strength of mind. Read this novel only if you have a completely empty schedule or amazing multitasking abilities, because you will never stop.

Tasha, Igo TLLC

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