Wednesday, 5th of Feburary.

So two weeks ago, on Wednesday, Chris U, from TPR (Texas Public Radio) came over and talked to everyone about the podcast that we’re currently in the process of making, and the two weeks before that some of the teens interviewed their parents, which was really fun. After Chris left we all went outside with coffee and hot chocolate to make some food, tostadas with cheese on top, and some waffles. It was quite chilly outside, and most of us weren’t wearing any warm clothes. Luckily, I had a huge cardigan but I was still cold, unfortunately. We all started to get pretty cold so we went inside while the rest stayed outside to heat up tostadas for a while, but then we went outside when they started making waffles. (Well technically we weren’t “making” waffles, but I’m sure everyone knows that I meant we were heating them up) Some of the other teens started playing some game that was kind of like tag, I think. Later on (at least I believe this was the same night, it may have been the next week) we played some weird game that Sergio told all of us about, it was a pretty interesting game. So all in all it was a really fun night.


Written by Hannah Drummond.

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