Cool Teens Club: Harder Than Baseball

I’m sure everyone has seen Alice in Wonderland. The seen where she plays with the red queen with the dodo birds and the gerbills is exactly what we did today. Minus the animal curlety. A boy in the group did get told by a 2 year old thought. There was a blue, red, green, and yellow. Even thought red had two people pllaying yellow won also the game is easier without heels on. I’m sure is it meant to a fun, relaxing summer game, but with five teenagers it became competitive soon, especially near the end. while yellow won blue was behind everyone it was sad. playing on a downhill surface is deffinately not the place to play. After being called something something sounding like slemanella we went inside and were treated with grape flavored drinks. writing a blog and playing that game is alot harder than it looks. writing to a prompt in english class is much easier, playing baseball is easier also. i had fun today but thinking back its hard to talk about it since it happened so fast. playing it with friends it will be much more memorable. this was a better alternative to talking about how to take an interview. it was nice to enjoy outside before it gets freezing cold or unbareably hot.

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