Gadget Review: The 3Doodler

Anyone who’s been coming to Central’s Tech Tuesdays knows about our awesome 3D printer, and now we have another gadget to play with: the 3Doodler, which is much simpler and easier to prepare.


How to:

1. Plug the 3Doodler into its charger and let it charge for a while (it only takes a few minutes), you’ll know it’s charging when its light turns red

2. Once the doodler is charged, choose a plastic you would like to use and set the doodler to the appropriate setting, there are two types of plastics (ABS and PLA) so make sure you’re using the right heat. 

3. Insert the plastic into the opening at the back of the pen and carefully push it in until you hit a barrier. Then press a speed button until the plastic begins to come out the tip, it should look something like this:


4. Draw! Do free hand or check out the doodler website to download stencils or see what others are doing.

5. To remove the plastic simply press both speed buttons at the same time and the plastic will begin to reverse, once it stops you can gently pull it out, turn off the heat, and you’re done.

Now, pros and cons:

The doodler is incredibly simple, and there’s a large community of people to share with and get ideas from. 

However, it’s a bit awkward to hold and sometimes the plastic dries too quickly, so it drags with the pen. 

But all in all I definitely suggest you all come down for Tech Tuesdays to check out this fun gadget. 

-Katelyn, 17, Central

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