Book Review Fencing: Classic Science

Whether you’ve been fencing for years or if you’ve just got an interest in the sport, I strongly suggest the book Epee 2.o: The Birth of a New Fencing Paradigm by Johan Harmenberg. I first heard of this book when I was fencing at a World Cup in Sweden during the 2013 season. One of the best fencers in the US, who has now been recruited to Brown University, recommended this book to me when I was having a difficult time.

Reading this book, I was amazed as to how this small book was framed. Hermenberg, the author, studied each aspect of fencing from the mental aspect to the physical aspect, and he exposes all his findings in this book.  Hermenberg portrays fencing in a completely different light thinking of the purely scientific aspect to the sport.

Fencing, ever since ancient times, has been known as one of the most classic sports throughout history, but this book takes that classic side of the sport an combines it with the scientific reasoning as well. I recommend this book both to fencers and to anyone who is simply interested in the sport. 

By: Farrah Lee-Elabd, 16

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