Landa Teen Library Radio: Wednesday @ Landa Library!

On  Wednesday, March 12th, Landa teens played Uno and enjoyed tasty treats, such as chips, m&ms, and fruity snacks.  It was a casual and fun evening, full of laughter and conversations, that was also a part of a stress- free week due to Spring Break.  In addition, several teens worked on creating material for a podcast, and in the sweet anticipation for the Divergent movie that comes out next week, the interviews related to Divergent factions and the dystopian society that author Veronica Roth has so eloquently created. [Listen to our podcast with Maddie & Chris] Press Play!

-Maddie C., 17

I interviewed J.C., a fellow teen, about what super power he would choose if he could. He tried to say all of them, but after I vetoed it he said invisibility. I also got to DJ using the ipads and playing music on request. Meanwhile, a fierce game of Uno was going on at the other end of the table. The conversation at the table moved on to the topic of divergent and some of us used the ipads to take the Divergent Faction Quiz. There was a lot of teasing once we got our faction (I got amity, the “boring one” to some). Overall, it was a fun evening at Landa Library!

-Lola C., 14

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