IGO Around the World presents: Marriage in Yemen:the groom’s story

Imagine that you are going to marry somebody that you don’t even know how he or she looks like! Well this is how my grandfather got married. A traditional Yemeni marriage usually happens in the villages and the rural areas of Yemen. Usually, the parents choose the bride of their son and if a person would choose his own bride then it would be after the consultant of the both parents. The son and the father would go to the chosen girl house and ask the father for his daughter’s hand in marriage. If the father agreed, which usually happens regardless the daughter’s age, then they would arrange for the engagement day.



Betrothal Day: the bride’s father should arrange a feast in the betrothal day. The groom’s relatives as well as the bride’s relatives share a really big meal and as soon as they finish the bride’s father, the groom and a Muslim priest (whom we call Imam) go to a separate room where they announce the engagement. Even though everything is already set up, the groom and the bride are not allowed to see each other

عقد القران

Wedding Day: Two or three days after the engagement day, relatives, friends and neighborsgather to celebrate their marriage. Men and women celebrate separately and at the end of the day the groom finally take his bride to his home and give her a big amount of money. This is when the groom sees his bride and realizes whether he is going to live a happy life or not.

Sam, 16 Igo TLLC  (photos by Sam Alef)

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