Landa Cool Teens Wattpad Story


A long time ago in the potato kingdom prince potato lost his magic scepter. Sarah woke up, what am I dreaming about. These strange dreams were becoming more frequent. Sarah fell back to sleep. Then it happened again. She was in a maze with her best friend, Tommy, who was a tomcat. They loved to go on adventures. Looking around, Sarah could see nothing but the green walls of the maze for miles. Tommy suddenly saw a mouse. Tommy pulled out her kitty liter sword and stabbed the mouse. Then a magical potato jumped out yelling at tommy for stabbing his mouse. Then Sarah’s nose started to itch and as she sneezed, her eyes flew open. She was back in the padded white walls. The door started to swing open and Malkamore, the nurse, and the head doctor walked in. Malkamore started to rap about Sarah’s condition. She was drugged by his sick beats, and fell back to sleep. She was back in the maze, Tommy looked towards Sarah, his face full of awe, he drew his sword out. “Tommy, what are you doing?” she said with a gasp. Tommy lunged behind her and took out the enemy with a swift movement of his sword.

Written by Sergio, Flora, Kayleigh, Hannah, Sammy, and Danny.  

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