Cool Teens Club: DIVERGENT Party!

Abnegation. Amity. Candor. Erudite. Dauntless. These factions describe you, but one choice defines you. In honor of the highly anticipated movie Divergent the Cool Teens Club of Landa Library had a Divergent inspired party. Everyone at the party was dressed in their favorite or chosen faction outfit. After planning the party was done, we got to work creating flyer and stickers for the party.

ipad1 ipad2ipad6 ipad4

The food served was also Divergent inspired with plain sugar cookies for Abnegation, a fruit platter for the easy going Amity, Oreos for Candor’s Black and White ideals, pecans for Erudite’s required brain, and finally the famous chocolate cake for the Dauntless sweet tooth. For the factionless members we provided Ramen noodles. We drink fruit punch because we decided it was a good mix of everything. During the party we played a faction quiz (not as complex as the test for Choosing Day) and to our surprise many members were Dauntless.


After this discovery, we went outside to the beautiful park and attempted parkour and other Dauntless activities. Overall the party was a success and we found that all the factions and the factionless could get along in peace and harmony, much to the Amity and Abnegation’s delight. Farewell for now and remember one choice will define you.

-Kayleigh, Dauntless chosen (undercover Divergent), 17

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